Felice Marchioni – Gabetti Rieti

I met Alberto Totaro and came across the service offered by Total Render in Milan during the Gabetti Convention. The level of their furnished floor plans is very good and completely changes the presentation. Their impact with clients is remarkable and I have noticed a high difference with undecided customers. The graphic is excellent and evokes the beauty and the dream of a new house. The service is quick and efficient. The staff at the customer service are very good and give the impression of a great company. If any small changes is needed they do not hesitate to amend without additional expenses.  Initially we had our own designer but it was always slow and laborious (if he was missing we were stuck). Using an external company allowed us to save time for other tasks. The service is a bit expensive, but it’s worth all the invested money. I also recommend the floor plans with dimensions so the customers can think about their own furniture and their measurements. That’s a further step towards the actual sale. It really works!

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