How to create furnished floor plans for free!

If you are eager to redraw floor plans hand have no idea on where to start, you’re in the right place: read this short guide that will give you some useful insight on how to create furnished plans for free!

Funrished floorplan free

Fed up with presenting your clients those same old ugly and B&W floor plans? Your colorful plans are looking too simple and not clear enough? Have you seen other agencies doing it and you’re wondering which company they use? I feel you. You want a better service for your clients, you need a free online tool to create furnished floor plans.

Maybe you don’t know it yet, but there are many websites out there that allow you to create furnished floor plans, sometimes for free or paying a tiny monthly fee.

Before continuing, I shall warn you of one thing I hope you considered: creating a furnished floorplan for free has two key requirements: one is TIME, and the other is EFFORT, and you’ll shortly understand why.

What do I need?

In order to create online furnished floorplans, you need to use software that will have to run, obviously, on an essential tool: a PC.

Certainly we are not talking about a PC from the 90s, but something updated and with a decent graphic card, a good memory (some software will need to be downloaded) and with a strong anti-virus program (downloading sometimes can be a tricky thing).

How do I start creating furnished floor plans for free?

Choosing the software you work with is very important and also depends on your experience. To avoid getting off on the wrong foot you must know the primary thing is having a reliable measuring system. Would you risk working on a 50 sqm room instead of 15 sqm?

Firstly you must understand the scale of your drawing, either printing on paper hoping that the file is to scale, or downloading a software that will help you understand the measurements of the property by putting the file to scale.

First of all there is the super-famous AUTOCAD!

You know it for sure, that’s the quintessential tool for the technical draftsmen. This is completely free, but for a trial only. If you like it, the yearly subscription is € 1500, quite a bargain. Ok it seems a lot, but it’s a great software that allows you to do incredible things. My advice is to take an in-depth course because it is not the easiest for first time users.

SmartDraw is also among the best:

In fact, you can use it completely for free! Ok, it’s only 7 days but still something. With approx. 10 dollars a month you will be able to spend your evenings redrawing walls, doors, windows and furniture. That’s how you wanted to spend your life, right?  

Let’s now talk about RoomSketcher

: totally FREE, you can work online without downloading anything, so – no viruses threat! If you have a lot of free time in your agency, have fun and draw up plans!

Last but not least, we have Sweet Home 3D

this is for free too, maybe the aesthetic is not the best, but it might allow you to approach the floorplan word with enthusiasm… maybe for the first two, three floor plans. I tell you in advance, that’s how it will go. These self-made drawings certainly give some satisfaction but will require an incredible amount of TIME and COMMITMENT, as I mentioned at the beginning.

After that, you can proceed with using a free software that helps you creating floorplans:  

If you want a reason to break commitments with friends, to avoid two boring hours at the cinema with your partner, to escape a pleasant evening at a restaurant or simply to enjoy a movie or a book relaxing in your living room … this is the perfect solution!

“Unfortunately I can’t come tonight, I just got back from work but I have to start redesigning floor plans for next week’s customers! You know, it takes a few days between measurements, furnishings, floors, textures, etc.!” Here’s your perfect excuse 😊

You know, there’s only one truth: what does it mean to create your furnished floor plans independently?


If your agency works well you CANNOT ALLOW ALL THIS LOST TIME. Let’s face it: it’s lost!

And we don’t mean that the colorful and redesigned floor plans aren’t useful: quite the opposite! Because it is not right that you have to take care of them… You need to take care of your customers, of the relationships with them, of the website and advertisement in general. You can’t spend your time designing and learning software that drive you crazy!!! (They will, trust me).

So, what’s the best solution?

furnished floor plans free
Total Render 3D Furnished Floor Plan

To summarize, this is my advice: you can rely on these softwares if the house to be redesigned is your home, maybe the one you live in and want to see transformed or the one where you are thinking of moving to. However, if you have an agency, it is your job to offer your customers a better service.

For this reason, the only real solution is to rely on a team that does this job every day, with a team of more than 20 architects ready to work for you.

How does it work, then?

You get a new property to advertise, get the boring or ugly plan you are too embarrassed to publish,

  • YOU WAIT 24H

Is it THAT simple?

You got it right, 24 hours and the floor plan is ready to be uploaded to your website. And you can dedicate your time to what really counts!

furnished floor plans free
Total Render 2D Furnished Floor Plan

It will cost me a fortune, you might think! But no! It won’t differ much from those websites subscriptions we discussed before, with the only difference that with those software, you’ll have to do the work, even if you pay. With Total Render we are the ones taking care of it!

What is “SAVING” if not this?

Saving time, energy and money.

After all, there must be a reason if real estate agents try to search for “create furnished floor plans online for free” and then call us desperately asking for help!

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