Giuliano Colotto Broker – RE/MAX Best

colotto giuliano

The service is very quick and precise, extremely useful for building that need renovation or to propose variants to the current state, ideal for those people who are not used to renovations and aren’t able to imagine the properties with the changes you are suggesting. It has been useful to me personally as it facilitated the sale of some properties for the reasons above, and useful to the property owner as it’s an extra service we can give. The floor plans produced are excellent and I highly appreciate the swiftness of the production.

Giuliano Colotto – Broker

Massimo Manca RE/MAX Abacus

massimo manca

Architect Totaro and his team have been the answer to my needs as a RE/MAX Abacus Estate consultant; we live in a constantly evolving professional world, our clients’ expectations are everyday more important. As a professional it is necessary for me work with experts that are as much professional as me, with attention to details and at the same time quick and helpful. This is what I found in Total Render Architecture, and this brought new clients but above all satisfied clients. Thank you Alberto for your constant professionality.

Massimo Manca
RE/MAX Abacus

Raffella Polini – RE/MAX WAY

Raffella Polini

Quality, professionality, punctuality and kindness!

These are the words to describe the great service offered by architect Totaro and all his team! They are able to provide well studied furnished floor plans for property marketing in a timely manner but without compromising quality. In that way the client will have a solid and professional impression, being able to get a more precise idea of the space, saving time on calls and appointments. Indispensable tool for any estate agent!

Raffaella Polini



I came across Total Render through Facebook and since the beginning I really liked their furnished plans. I decided to become their client because their service is quick and easy to use, the team is helpful and the price is absolutely right for the offered service. I am satisfied because I can finally present beautiful floor plans, that are created in a short time, and add them to the properties ads, to our website, Facebook, Instagram.

I can say I had a very good experience, in fact I have already recommended their services to other agencies that collaborate with me.

Siegmar Tschenett
Siegmar Tschenett – Estate agent

Paolo Caputo – RE/MAX Prime

Paolo Caputo

Alberto changed my life! I use Total Render furnished floorplans since long enough to say that they changed the way I work. I discovered numerous advantages adding the floorplans to every property I advertise. My marketplace, for example, is not the same anymore: clients are attracted by the picture of the floorplan.. they can understand the space since the beginning and have a clear idea of the rooms we are going to visit, they are even thankful as they already have an idea of the furnishing layout. Not to mention adverts on real estate portals, that bring me dozens and dozens of contacts. The secret?  The furnished floorplan as a first image of the ad! Having these plans on each property advert literally made my life easier!

Paolo Caputo
RE/MAX Prime

Rosario Timpa – Estate agent/Investor

Rosario Timpa

Architect Totaro and his team did a great job, paying always attention to my requests; I was amazed especially by the precision and at the same time the speed in getting the job done. The renders they created have been indispensable in the sale of the building, the advert reached indeed a much higher visibility. Having seen the results I would like to recommend Total Render to any estate agent that look for quality and professionality for their ads.

Rosario Timpa

Andrea Molteni – RE/MAX Futura Immobiliare

andrea molteni remax

I started using the floorplans and the renders supplied by Alberto since several months, now I can assess the advantages; you wonder how they can help you? Well, I tell you my own experience. During the sale process they are extremely useful, especially if you wish to advertise empty houses or houses that need renovations, to have the opportunity to show your clients how the property could become. During acquisition I show the owners how I am going to advertise their property (including a professional photoshoot), usually they are enthusiastic and don’t ask for discounts on my commission. We want to be different from others? Well, I can confirm that Alberto’s job help us in this quite a lot. Do we want to talk about speed? Receiving what’s needed to advertise a property in a few hours is priceless. In conclusion, I am really satisfied. I can say that my feedback towards Alberto and his work is extremely positive.

Andrea Molteni
RE/MAX Futura Immobiliare

Felice Marchioni – Gabetti Rieti

Felice Marchioni – Gabetti Rieti

I met Alberto Totaro and came across the service offered by Total Render in Milan during the Gabetti Convention. The level of their furnished floor plans is very good and completely changes the presentation. Their impact with clients is remarkable and I have noticed a high difference with undecided customers. The graphic is excellent and evokes the beauty and the dream of a new house. The service is quick and efficient. The staff at the customer service are very good and give the impression of a great company. If any small changes is needed they do not hesitate to amend without additional expenses.  Initially we had our own designer but it was always slow and laborious (if he was missing we were stuck). Using an external company allowed us to save time for other tasks. The service is a bit expensive, but it’s worth all the invested money. I also recommend the floor plans with dimensions so the customers can think about their own furniture and their measurements. That’s a further step towards the actual sale. It really works!

Marzio Gelardini – CB Immobiliare Le Riviere

Marzio Gelardini

I discovered Total Render as it’s recommended to the users of “Gestim” a CRM system. We used the services of the Team of arch. Totaro for the visual marketing of a new construction job site in a beautiful seaside location of the Ligurian Riviera, Sori. I don’t’ deny that we compared their services with a local competitor. Why we chose Total Render?  Firstly the fact that a serious and reliable person recommended them to us. In second instance we obtained a clear and articulated  quotation very quickly, and with a great value for money (we had a look at previously done jobs that were appreciated by us, the contractor and the other professionals involved).

Lastly but not least, – actually crucial – the kindness and availability of the team (in our case Veronica and Laura), that with punctuality, timeliness and zeal helped us in planning the job, guaranteeing the best results within a specified time-scale, also being available for post corrections and checks on the job done. All this enhanced by kindness, that is always appreciated, and promptness in getting back at us for any requests, integration, or clarifications. Maximum satisfaction.

Marzio Gelardini
CB Immobiliare Le Riviere

Roberto Sanchi – Rossi Real Estate

rossi real estate

We work with Total Render since more than a year, and we can say with certainty that the professionality demonstrates has always met expectations. They always reply with speed and quality to any of our requests, acknowledging punctually and scrupulously any comments or amendment requests. For those who require improving the marketing quality and the efficiency of their real estate adverts it’s a winning choice for sure.

Roberto Sanchi
Rossi Real Estate


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