More than just furnished floorplans!

Let’s admit it, furnished floorplans are our highlight, and we are surely proud of that!  Did you know that under the “furnished floorplans” umbrella there is a wide and comprehensive range of services? All different but with three amazing features that make them unmissable:

  • Their very appealing, clear to understand and smart look
  • The incredibly short time Total render takes to produce them

Let’s explore them!

1. 2D Furnished Floorplans

Total Render furnished floorplans are an essential tool for any real estate agency. They are now used by more than 500 estate agents who have understood the importance of this amazing tool.

furnished floorplan
2D Furnished Floorplan

This is our best-selling product, ready for you in 24/36 hours. Thanks to the textured effect of floors, furniture and finishes this is an easy-to-understand, appealing and with a realistic effect floorplan.

There are many ways you can make these floorplans unique for your business: by adding your logo and matching its colour with certain details of our floorplan (like the walls and the entrance arrow, for example).

Imagine your full portfolio of properties characterized by this consistency in the design. It will certainly give the perception of a structured and trustworthy agency to deal with.

But that’s not all, check the other advantages of adding total Render furnished floorplans to your properties ads:

  • Replacement of bad looking, unclear or uneasy to read existing floorplans with a WOW- effect picture
  • Performance improvement in your property ads. Adding a furnished floorplan will help your client understand the areas of the property on sale
  • Performance improvement during acquisition. During this stage you could decide to bring a printed brochure of your agency showing an example of furnished floorplan, showing that you are able to offer this service too.
  • You will be able to suggest to your clients an alternative furnishing layout or ideas for renovations
  • Improve your showcase adding furnished floorplans of your properties

2. SMART Floorplans

The intention might not always be to look as realistic as possible. In certain situations, you need a smart, minimal, and elegant floorplan rather than a realistic and coloured one. And maybe you need to distinguish yourself from the crowd and impress your client with this sleek look.

furnished floorplan
SMART Floorplan

That’s why we decided to offer this service, as many of you requested a lighter and smarter alternative to our classic furnished floorplans… and here it is!

Obviously, clarity is key here too. Less colours doesn’t mean more complicated! The graphics from our scrupulous architects are studied to be easy to understand thanks to a clear visual hierarchy. White furniture pops up from a light patterned floor background and the black walls remain highly noticeable thanks to the softer tones in the rest of the drawing.  

3. BASIC Floorplans

The name of this type of floorplans says it all! This is your first step, your essential picture for a property advert. Room types are identified by colours and it is purposely schematic and clean. This floorplan type doesn’t need much explanation but trust us, a property advert without one of these will for sure!

furnished floorplan basic
BASIC Floorplan

This is generally chosen for those properties that need renovation. It is also a quick and easy replacement to a bad-looking or unclear property floorplan.

There’s scope for customization too here: we pre-set 4 different themes you can choose from (Standard, Vivace, Pastello, Night), each of them with a different range of colours.

4. Internal Renders (for renovations)

Transform your properties that need renovations with these amazing photorealistic renders! Total render interior renders are a highly technological representation system for a property that requires renovation.

Internal Render

They instantly allow the potential buyer to understand how the property could become once completed, avoiding looking at too-technical drawings that are imporrible to read or even site-photos 😮

The Total Render team works with state of the art software and upgrade it periodically to be always up to date. Firstly, to improve the speed of delivery: we know how frustrating it could be for estate agents to wait full weeks before seeing their completed renders. Exactly for this reason, Total Render delivers the requested renders within 7 working days, so it can be published as soon as possible!  

Internal Render

We recommend this type of service especially for:

  • Property in need of renovation
  • Property that have been renovated or without furniture
  • New build property

With our internal renders you will be able to create a real photobook of the new home and help your clients visualizing how the space would look once all done and furnished.

Key advantages:

  • Increase the buyers’ interest towards the property
  • Sell your property quicker

5. External Renders

At Total Render, our external renders are a highly technological system for showcasing property that is yet to be built. They instantly allow the potential buyer to see how the new property will look like without relying on technical drawings that are unclear and illegible to anyone who does not deal with these matters daily.

External renders can show the a whole building but also closer views of portions of a building that are able to understand details and give a sense of how life could be around the external areas of the property.

External Render
External Render

These renders can showcase landscaping and beautiful gardens, light fittings, street appeal, and in general the esterior potential of the property.

Total Render can produce images with all sorts of mood, with any light condition.

External Render
External Render

Obviously, this service is not suitable for all properties, we recommend external renders for:

  • New built Property
  • Property in need of exterior renovation
  • Major building and parcelling works

6. Virtual Suite – our virtual home staging

Our Virtual Suite is the first system in Italy that allows you to virtually furnish your properties starting from a photo.

Virtual home staging
Virtual Suite

It is a highly technological tool as it completely avoids the modeling of the 3D environment by inserting thefurnishings directly on the photograph. This allows to achieve an effect that is as morerealistic as possible, optimizing timings and costs and obtaining an even more surprising effect!

Virtual home staging
Virtual Suite

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Elena at and revolutionize your showcase with the Total Render creations!

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