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We are glad to announce the new Partnership between OnOffice and Total Render! With its team of 25 architects, Total Render is the leader company in Italy for the creation of furnished floorplans and Renders for Real Estate Market.

Dear Agent,
Total Render works alongside real Estate agencies since 2015. Over the years the company has seen a constant and organic increase, with the latest news the opening to the international market.

We guarantee speed with no-compromise quality

Total Render can deliver eye-catching and functional floorplans in just 24/48h!

Total Render has developed a simple and user-friendly interface where agents can place orders by a few clicks. It has been studied to be easily integrated with the onOffice CRM system. You will be able to order and receive your floorplans directly from the property!

Here are some of the great benefits of choosing Total Render as your new partner:

- Exponential increase in clicks on real estate ads and increase the acquisition of new customers: statistics tell you that most buyers desire to see floorplans before visiting a property. And that floorplans must be clear and understandable for everybody.

- Furniture drives your customers towards their dreams and triggers imagination, remember that you are dealing with emotions. And sometimes just a “pretty picture” can strike the right chord and take you to your best sale.

- Branding strategy! Add them to your entire showcase and your personal brand will look stronger. It will show how valid and professional you are in your field.

- They indirectly increase the value of the properties in your listings, by showing all their potential in just an image.

- You can offer a great extra service to your clients, with minimum effort: suggest ideas of renovation or small internal changes

- Not only digital, remember that you can PRINT your amazing floorplans, and use them:
A) For your display window. Remember, people are attracted by pretty pictures!
B) For brochures that you can take to property viewings and leave to clients. A well-made brochure represents a powerful physical media that can blow away the competition and make you stand out from the crowd.
C) Framed: what about if you hang it at the entrance of the property? It will act as a “treasure map” f the property with that extra wow effect!

What are you waiting for? Activate Total Render from your onOffice marketplace to see our partnership rates! The process is extremely simple but new users can be easily guided by our pdf instructions below

Why Total Render?

Furnished Floorplans in less than 24 hours

Credit packages without expiration

A dedicated personal area for each client