Marzio Gelardini – CB Immobiliare Le Riviere

I discovered Total Render as it’s recommended to the users of “Gestim” a CRM system. We used the services of the Team of arch. Totaro for the visual marketing of a new construction job site in a beautiful seaside location of the Ligurian Riviera, Sori. I don’t’ deny that we compared their services with a local competitor. Why we chose Total Render?  Firstly the fact that a serious and reliable person recommended them to us. In second instance we obtained a clear and articulated  quotation very quickly, and with a great value for money (we had a look at previously done jobs that were appreciated by us, the contractor and the other professionals involved).

Lastly but not least, – actually crucial – the kindness and availability of the team (in our case Veronica and Laura), that with punctuality, timeliness and zeal helped us in planning the job, guaranteeing the best results within a specified time-scale, also being available for post corrections and checks on the job done. All this enhanced by kindness, that is always appreciated, and promptness in getting back at us for any requests, integration, or clarifications. Maximum satisfaction.

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