Andrea Molteni – RE/MAX Futura Immobiliare

I started using the floorplans and the renders supplied by Alberto since several months, now I can assess the advantages; you wonder how they can help you? Well, I tell you my own experience. During the sale process they are extremely useful, especially if you wish to advertise empty houses or houses that need renovations, to have the opportunity to show your clients how the property could become. During acquisition I show the owners how I am going to advertise their property (including a professional photoshoot), usually they are enthusiastic and don’t ask for discounts on my commission. We want to be different from others? Well, I can confirm that Alberto’s job help us in this quite a lot. Do we want to talk about speed? Receiving what’s needed to advertise a property in a few hours is priceless. In conclusion, I am really satisfied. I can say that my feedback towards Alberto and his work is extremely positive.

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